Two brothers drive to picnic by the sea.

The brothers Tommy and Renton Sarasota take a trip across America’s highways to picnic at a beach. Along the way they stop at a simple rest stop, their path intersecting with the life of another. Journey becomes destination as stillness is found in movement.

Produced at the Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film

Short / B&W / Bolex / 4:3 / Stereo / 24 min.

Licensed to Joel Neville Anderson & Spur-Line Productions under CC BY-NC-SA 2006. IMDb page.


Stills / On Set Photos

Cast & Crew

Dary Wall … Tommy Sarasota
Shane Gordon Anderson … Renton Sarasota
Keith Fuller … Amos Wilks

Joel Neville Anderson … script, direction, photography, production design, editing, sound design and recordist
William Dekker … assistant camera