Man Alive

In and around America and the autumn of 1963. A man and his tools. A boy and his shoes.

Left to his own devices in an empty home, the young Osgood Aimes goes to live in the forest, camping out by the local freight line tracks. And that’s where he’s found, his body and mind battered and bruised to an extent yet unknown. The caretaker of the Aimes residence hires a physician to tend to the boy’s body and a cobbler to repair the child’s shoes. And it’s through the boy’s footwear that this craftsman learns his story and of his encounter.

Produced at the Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film.

Featurette / Color, B&W / Panasonic DVX, stock footage / 16:9 / Stereo / 44 min.

Licensed to Joel Neville Anderson & Spur-Line Productions under CC BY-NC-SA 2008. IMDb page. MUBI entry.


Stills / On Set Photos

Cast & Crew

Keith Babbitt … Avery Hazelwood
Joe Albert … Osgood Aimes
Dary Wall … The Man of the Tracks
Jennifer Albert … Georgette Aimes
Emily Wilson … Colette Hawkins
Mary … Martia
and Brian Mahony … Doctor Émile

Joel Neville Anderson … script, direction, production design, editing
Shan Huang … cinematography
Nathan Rogers-Hancock, Shelly Sarah Kamiel … lights and sound
Shelly Sarah Kamiel … additional landscape photography
Taylor Williams … additional photographic effects

Samantha Marine … assistant director
Nathan Rogers-Hancock … producer
Michael Borowiec, Alliah Mourad … associate producers

Jennifer Albert, Nathan Rogers-Hancock … illustrations
Samantha Marine … set photography
William Dekker … sound design advisor
Sarah Semlear, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market … prop acquisitions

Production Advisors:
Paul Echeverria
Iris Cahn
Soyoung Yoon
Larry O’Neil
Daniel Kang