Invert the Vessel

An experimental drama about magnetism in relation to botany, computers and a love triangle between three college students coping with the death of one’s father.

June and Augie grew up together. Both playing on June’s father’s youth soccer team, they were like siblings. Now, in college, June is with Denton, and Augie is alone. When June’s father falls ill, she goes to be with him at the hospital, leaving Augie with a potted plant close to her heart. In her absence, the inanimate plant serves as a receptacle for Augie’s growing desire for June. Likewise, all three students are limited to communication mediated by cell phones and e-mail, creating a crisis of intimacy where they face memories of the past just as they must try to form a future and find themselves in the present.

Produced at the Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film.

Featurette / Color / Super-16mm Aaton LTR, HD Panasonic HVX, Hi-8 / 16:9 / Stereo / 33 min.

Licensed to Joel Neville Anderson & Spur-Line Productions under CC BY-NC-SA 2009. IMDb page. MUBI entry.



Stills / On Set Photos

Cast & Crew

Nicolle Medina … June
Leon Pease … Augie
Cameron Moir … Denton

Kate Pressman … scissor-woman
Alan Lapointe … hospital intern
Steven Levine … student cashier
Alliah Sophia … caterer
and D. Zhonzinksy … Coach

Joel Neville Anderson … script, direction, production design, editing
Taylor Williams … cinematography
William Dekker … second camera
Nathan Rogers-Hancock … lights
Sam Marine … sound recordist

Zach De Sorbo … score

Michael C. Borowiec … executive producer
Nathan Rogers-Hancock … producer
Alliah Mourad … assistant director

Production Advisors
Iris Cahn
Paul Echeverria
Deanna Kamiel
Tim McCann
Larry O’Neil
Robert Siegel
Soyoung Yoon